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What is Rotavirus?  Read more about Tracy who had a 15 month old with rotavirus
Read more about Angela who had a 22-month-old with rotavirus Read more about Tracy who had a 15-month-old with rotavirus
Tracy's daughter, Ava, was 15 months old when she was infected with rotavirus. Tracy thought Ava got the virus from her day care, where an outbreak had occurred. Parents were given warnings about the symptoms of rotavirus and told to be on the lookout for any signs that their child may have the virus.

Tracy and her husband thought they were in the clear from their daughter getting rotavirus because it was a full month after the outbreak when Ava suddenly became sick. One evening she woke up in the middle of the night, crying and vomiting in her crib. From that point on, the diarrhea and fever started and lasted for 3 full days.

From the beginning of the illness, Ava had a hard time keeping any type of liquids down. Her parents had her drink frequent, small amounts of liquids to keep hydrated. She was weak and her hands and arms were shaking when she would try to grab for the water. Fortunately, her symptoms lasted for only 3 days, and by the fourth day, Ava was able to keep down liquids and avoid a visit to the emergency room.

Overall, it was painful for Tracy and her husband to watch their daughter experience rotavirus. "You have no idea how upsetting it can be when your child suffers and looks at you as if you need to fix this right away. It was very difficult," said Tracy.

Cases of rotavirus can vary among infants and children. Many cases are mild, while others may be more severe. This story may not be representative or characteristic of every child's experience. Talk with your doctor if you have any questions about rotavirus.

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